Experimental Poetry Templates

I’m currently conducting an experiment in form and constraint. Using SurveyMonkey, I’ve created three poem templates. They can be accessed here:
Poetry Templates

My hope is to explore the limit of a template as a form, to investigate what sort of constraints it offers and how those constraints differ from, say, meter, rhyme and traditional forms such as the sonnet, sestina or villanelle.

I’m also interested in how the digital interface affects the writer’s experience, how the concept of “play” factors in here, how the digital either expands the limits of the forms or speeds their ruptures, and any ways that the writer can subvert the form.

I am also posting (with participants’ permission) poems that were created with the templates. A few poems have already been posted on the site.

So please click on a template and write. Or play. Create one poem or many. Try to break the forms. Confessional is longest, Love Poem is easy and fun, and Condemnation is very short but also difficult, it seems.

Also, I would welcome ANY dissemination you could provide: letting your friends know, posting the link on your facebook page, twittering it. I really want to see if it is possible to exhaust these forms/templates.


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  1. this is SUCH a fantastic concept! i’m off to complete a template

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