Online Curations of Working-Class Poetry and Our First Guest Blogger

To follow up my previous post, I wanted to highlight a few sites on the internet that curate collections of working-class poetry and/or discuss the poetics of working-class poetry.  This list will be incomplete, so I invite you to join the conversation and give a shout out to other online journals, sites, and presses that focus on working-class poetry and poetics.

Blue Collar Review: A journal of progressive working-class literature from Partisan Press.

Center for Working-Class Studies: Working-Class Literature: A list of resources, critical essays, and writers.

Occupy Poetry: There are multiple Occupy Poetry sites, and they all align themselves with the ongoing Occupy movement:

OccuPoetry: Poets Supporting Economic Justice

Occupy Poetry: Poems for Love, Peace and Change

The Occupy Poetry Project

Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

Pemmican Press: An online journal that publishes “political poems, feminist poems, working class poems, ecological poems, revolutionary poems, poems to piss off the police, poetry of imagery and imagination, prose poems, long poems, short poems, and poems that destabilize the assumptions of the general aesthetic.”

Struggle: A magazine of proletarian revolutionary literature.

Union Songs: A searchable database of union songs and poetry.

Workers Write! Literary Journal: Not technically an online journal, but you can purchase a PDF of the journal for $4.

Working Class Poems: An anthology originally created for an undergraduate English class at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA.

I’m thrilled to announce that Karen Weyant, the author of Stealing Dust and Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt, will be our guest blogger for Sunday, April 21st.  Karen also blogs at The Scrapper Poet.  When I started exploring working-class poetry and poetics, Karen was the first poet and scholar to reach out to me.


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  1. dwlcx said

    Also, Mongrel Empire Press, Norman, OK.

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